Training Report: 1/27- 2/2 & January Review

A recap weekly/biweekly/monthly or however I decided to do it. A week is determined in my plan as Monday thru Sunday. 1 month is from 1st to last day.

Looking forward to this training cycle, some fun runs, an ultra or two with a friend and all leading up to what I hope will be a finish and Western States qualifier at Laurel Highlands in June. Really happy to be back in the swing of things despite the weather lately which is kind of hampering my running on trails.

January 1/27 – 2/2 (7 days)

Goal Mileage Week: 45 miles (0/8/6/8/0/15/8)
Weekly Running Goal: Begin the buildup back up to 50 miles

MON 1/27/2014


RECAP: Normal Monday rest day.

TUES 1/28/2014

TITLE: Mini Track Speedwork   PLACE: Eastside Y   TYPE OF RUN: Track

RECAP: [Eastside Y] – Got the workout done on the mini track. By the time I hit the cooldown my knees were not happy. Just pushed myself thru to finsih it up. Stopped worrying about pace and just focused on running the intervals hard as it was too hard to focus on time and the turns !

WU, 16:58, 2.00 miles, 8:29 min/mi

4×200 @R (5:50 :43) w/200Rec
1 – :39, 0.12 miles, 5:32 min/mi
2 – :41, 0.12 miles, 5:42 min/mi
3 – :48, 0.12 miles, 6:44 min/mi
4 – :39, 0.12 miles, 5:32 min/mi

3×600 @R (5:50) w/400Rec
1 – 2:17, 0.37 miles, 6:12 min/mi
2 – 2:14, 0.37 miles, 6:03 min/mi
3 – 2:14, 0.37 miles, 6:04 min/mi

4×200 @R (5:50 :43) w/200Rec
1 – :42, 0.12 miles, 5:54 min/mi
2 – :43, 0.12 miles, 6:01 min/mi
3 – :42, 0.12 miles, 5:52 min/mi
4 – :39, 0.12 miles, 5:30 min/mi

CD, 17:30, 2.00 miles, 8:45 min/mi
STRAVA: Mini Track Speedwork

WED 1/29/2014


RECAP: Stepped out the door into the wind and decidedly canceled any hope of a run I had planned.

THURS 1/30/2014

TITLE: Crescent Fun   PLACE: Crescent Trail  TYPE OF RUN: Trails
DIST/TIME/PACE: 8.4/1:49  ELEVATION: +1,225 / -1,193    RTR/TE: 8/3.2

RECAP: Heather and I rocked out 4 miles before the group up past Woodcliff and back then joined the group for some more. I tacked on a little at the end to fill my 8, but it looks like I overcompensated seeing the recalculations. It was good night, long and slow, but still good.
STRAVA: Crescent Fun

FRI 1/31/2014

TITLE: Milling it Easy   PLACE: Eastside Y TYPE OF RUN: Track/Treadmill

RECAP: Started out easy on the track for 2 miles, then jumped on the treadmill at 7mph. It was amazing. For 4 solid miles, my footpod and the treadmill were in sync! Despite where I was, I guess the run was pretty ok.
STRAVA: Milling It Easy

SAT 2/1/2014

TITLE: Runextravagana   PLACE: Black Creek Park  TYPE OF RUN: Trails
DIST/TIME/PACE: 13.23/2:27   ELEVATION: +592 / -601   RTR/TE: 7/3.3

RECAP: Ran with the Medved group for a quick preview of CAS loop then headed out with Matt and Laura for the remainder. Great to finally meet up with Laura and run some miles with her. I was good until mile 12 when for some reason I no longer wasn’t. Made it back to the lodge and called it a day so Elyse could get her time in. The snow was work today, more liek sand.
STRAVA: Runextravagana

SUN 2/2/2014

TITLE: SlushFest 2014  PLACE: Linear & South EPW  TYPE OF RUN: Trails
DIST/TIME/PACE: 10.1/1:47   ELEVATION: +805 / -807  RTR/TE: 6/2.8

RECAP: Slept in, which I usuallt don’t do. Woke up and chilled for a bit before I headed out. Took Linear Park trail out to south ellsion and got three of the good climbs in Coyotes Den in. The going was slow, lots of slush from the melt and rain yesterday. Pleased to get my mileage in though.
STRAVA: SlushFest 2014

WTD Mileage/HRS/EL: 45.76/ 8:03 / +2622/ -2601
MTD Mileage/HRS/EL: 164.86/29:02 / +7916/-7159
YTD Mileage/HRS/EL: 188.23/ 33:17 / +9312/-8567
LTD Mileage: 4719.38

TRAILS: 31.76mi (69.4%) ROAD: 0mi (0%) TRACK: 8mi (17.4%) TREADMILL: 6mi (13.1%)
TRAINING: 45.76mi (100%) RACING: 0mi (0%)

Personal DATA

Start/End Weight: 170 / 169
Start/End CTL: 84 /93
Start/End ATL: 113 / 140

January Review

Start/End Weight: 169.5 / 169
Start/End CTL: 65 /93
Start/End ATL: 34 / 140

TRAILS: 85.43mi (51.8%) ROAD: 11.23mi (6.8%) TRACK: 29.16mi (17.6%) TREADMILL: 27.32mi (16.5%)
OUTSIDE: (58.6%) INSIDE: (41.4%)
TRAINING: 164.86mi (100%) RACING: 0mi (0%)


Been getting some decent mileage back in, pretty consistent runs so far as well.


This cold weather. Continues to suck me dry. My fitness feels so far out from what it was. This was also my lowest January of the last 3 years. Go figure.

What’s Working

Everything? Finding a good balance between trail time and non trail time is keeping me moving.

What’s Not

Stability. I’m starting to feel the niggles ocming on all over the body. I blame most of this on unstable footing


Cast a Shadow, the first race of the year and a good fitness marker for me. 6 hours of relay fun.

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  • Amber

    Looks like a solid week from my perspective. I’m looking forward to reading your report from Cast a Shadow.