Speedy Canal
Project 365/52 Week 2: ACTION - Long exposure at the Canal Bridge
Lone Soldier
Project 365/52 Week 1: YELLOW - Standing out amoung the noise surrounding it.

Fat Bikes, Friends & Failing


Well….it’s been an interesting couple of weeks, so I’m just going to tally it all up into one post and be done with it. Running To date this year has […]

Project 365/52 Week 2: ACTION

Speedy Canal

This weeks theme will be on ACTION   January 5 January 6 January 7 January 8 January 9 January 10 January 11 Look Back Well, this week became a little […]

Project 365/52 Week 1: YELLOW

Lone Soldier

This weeks theme will be on the color yellow January 1 A friend invited me to go out for a walk with them and I brought my camera along with […]

2014 Running Recap & Looking into 2015

2013-12-11 06.35.20

    Mileage YEARLY TOTAL RUN MILEAGE 1427.03 / 303 /  +164,813/-163,683 Trail: 896.83 mi / 187:56 / +117,807 Road:119.72 mi / 17:21 / +5,582 Track: 97.41 mi / 14:50 […]

Last Call


After 3 years, I finally got back on stage. First show since Tommy. Its been a whirwind, with a tight production schedule and training and completing a 100 miler and […]

Oil Creek 100 Mile REVENGE

Photo by Tim

Some days you go into a race feeling great, feeling ready. Like you’ve hit all the right buttons leading up to a good race. Only to DNF. Then there are […]

Standing on The Edge


Well…here I am again. About to embark on something stupid, yet once more. 10 days away from my 2nd attempt at 100 miles. Last year’s attempt ended in complete and […]

Training Report: 8/18 – 8/24

A recap weekly/biweekly/monthly or however I decided to do it. A week is determined in my plan as Monday thru Sunday. 1 month is from 1st to last day.   […]




Some may say he was just a dog, an animal, well yes in the end he was. But he was ours, and we were his. 8 years he was part of our life and he made it enjoyable and fun, he gave us laughter and craziness. I had a connection with him I don’t have with most people, even some family members. For being a dog, he was family.

Running With the Devil


Last year…I had grand plans…. 50 mile. Devils Path. 100 mile. In that order. Funny how things worked out. The Devil tamed me mercilessly last year. I was a week […]